TangoLovers Festival

31 January – 4 February 2019


TangoLovers festival ... the idea!

Everything started by the dream of organizing an International festival in Greece. With our love for Tango, as well as the support by its community and our sponsors, the dream became true.


The TangoLovers Festival will last for 5 days full of dancing and shows at theater, shows at milongas, workshops by Maestros.


Are you a Tango lover or just wish to experience the magic and passion of Tango?
Join the TangoLovers Festival..!


Guest Maestros

(in alphabetical order)

Tango in Love...The 5th Element

Monday 4th February 2019

What is tango? If you are one experienced dancer or musician and have felt the emotion of the music dancing in your arms, by playing one instrument or feeling the body of someone else, you might have asked yourself that question.

What is tango? At the beginning the question seems of a clear answer. You feel the passion that buena you, the connection that makes you flow, the ground that you stand on, you feel free as the air! But then something happens.

We stop feeling, and start thinking. And what about now that I found tango? What else is behind that feeling ? And the question itself raises the thoughts.

As with Tango, that also happens with experiencing LOVE.

What is Love? Same feelings, same fear, same later questions, same issues.

“Tango in Love” is based in a real story. A love story. Between two souls that were meant to collide in a present moment.

He, is a pragmatic artist. He is the impossible. He has soul capable of creating poetry by the movements, he is a dancer. But found in a period of his life dealing with the middle age, and with this, the calculations.

She? Is a free soul. She is jobless, a former model and sport dancer. Grew up in a middle class family with strong believes of unity and sincerity over all. She is espontáneos.

He, is logos.
She, is the pathos.

Their story will bring questions to all of us; their story will bring us more together. Their story and the collision between the two universal truth (like the Big Bang) will bring the elements of the universe to dance on stage: fire, water, air and earth.

All so at the end the one and single element will reunite them finally: LOVE.

The question is who will give us the answer? Pathos ? Logos?

Costumes for the shows are made by Adornos

The music of the performance “Tango in Love”… The 5th Element is recorded by Tango en Vivo

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(in alphabetical order)