Main Sponsors 2020

Embassy of Argentina.

Embassy of Uruguay.

Street Wonders Project is a newly established group of artists.

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Founders of Alegria are pioneers in the manufacture of shoes with special anatomic soles, tailored to each client individually, with tradition all over the world and with the presence of Alegria in the majority of Tango schools in Greece.
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TangoFIX is an innovative, industrial tango school with chic aesthetic. The venue has surface about 300 square meters with 3 floors. Α totally structural space that balances with harmony between the industrial style and the warm atmosphere!

visit site: http://www.tangofix.gr

A unique place in the colors of ice, with wooden chairs and tables, flower pots everywhere, in the pedestrian area of Drakou str., a breath away from the Syggrou-Fix Metro Station. We supply our products from small traditional Greek producers. Here, the Greek Kalamaki tastes different!

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Life is dancing and dancing is life! Dancing is joy and passion, dancing is rhythm melody, glamour and beauty. This is the Cardou philosophy, an eshop dedicated in offering a complete collection of shoes and tango wear for both men and women.
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A grate place, below the Acropolis, for you to enjoy delicious food for all tastes. Dame time to admire and get the original artworks by internationally renowned artists. Very interesting local beer selection from diverse microbreweries!
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Sibel Sarac is shoe designer. Studied industrial product design, acting as shoe producer in a family company.
She is presenting well-balanced,comfortable and high quality shoes. Production is based on customized products.

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Tangoinstyle, owned by Serpil Topuz, is designed for stylish dancers as to be trendy, unique, elegant and comfortable. Tangoinstyle is also in fashion by tango inspired evening dresses. All clothes are custom-made and handmade, having quality top priority.

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Unique handmade jewelry created by mixing jewelry components, results beautiful bracelets, earrings and necklaces that uniquely adorn the tango queens, among others!

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A member of ELOMAS, the largest purchasing group in Greece, KRITIKOS SA is developing at high growth rates in recent years, with investments over 23 million Euros during last five years, with 5 Logistics Centers more than 2500 employees!

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Forever Living Products has been the No. 1 Aloe Vera Company in the world for 40 years. With more than 50 million Aloe Vera plants and proprietary plantations, Forever manufactures and distributes Aloe Vera products worldwide.

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Mystic Pizza: Eat it! Don’t Smoke it! Organic Cannabis Sativa has much to offer but most of all its seeds of which oil and flour are made! This is the flour we use in our Mystic cooking to create pizza, pasta and sweets. This is the flour we use in our Mystic cooking.

visit site: http://www.mystic.com.gr

Psitomagirio located at Koukaki is a new restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine. Taste grilled traditional cooks, juicy roasts and spit meats. All dishes are made using carefully selected fresh and top quality ingredients.

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Here at “The Plant Kingdom” we are all about nutrition, physical & mental health, vision, creativity, inspiration, amazing quality, organic farming & cultivation, ethics and education.

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Media Sponsors 2020

Ocho is a Greek Tango Community that aims to spread the tango, to grow the community, and to give easier and more organized access to everyone regarding this passion… Tango!

visit site: http://www.ocho.gr/

Forfree.gr is the first Greek website that specializes in bringing together all admission free events in Athens and Barcelona, bearing out that you can have fun even with no cash on the barrelhead!

visit site: http://www.forfree.gr/

Skywalker.gr is the first site that has been active in job search in Greece since 1999. Today it remains the only Greek website in the field of job search.!

visit site: www.skywalker.gr