Privacy Policy – Terms of Service

Dear Friends,

Please be advised that as of 25 May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU applies.

What is the GDPR Regulation
The new European regulation aims to strengthen the protection of personal data across the European Union.

TangoLovers website is aligned with the new Regulation
Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is very important to us. Through the TangoLovers website, personal data of its users are collected and stored for its operational needs:

1. Personal Information submitted by the users themselves through the e-forms of the Festival Services
2. Information from any mail message regarding our services
3. Details of your visits, including network traffic data, location data, application server log data.

The recording and usage of the above data is strictly for the sole purpose of performing the legitimate operation of the TangoLovers website, in accordance with the terms you accepted when registering for the service.

All data on the TangoLovers website, including personal data, is stored in a data center in the EU territory that meets all specifications, physical and technical safety, certified according to ISO 27001 safety standard.
The online service of the TangoLovers website does NOT:

1. Disclosures to third parties.
2. Personal data trading, in any way.

The e-service of the TangoLovers website is continually taking the appropriate measures to ensure as far as possible:

1. The safe storage of all personal data.
2. Preventing accidental loss of personal data.
3. Use or unauthorized access.

Our aim is to maximize the security of any personal data, but service users should take the appropriate security and protection measures on their personal computers.

Administrators of systems that hosts and operates the TangoLovers website have access to a small number of personal data, and more specifically to those recorded in the log files of the system software such as Operating System, Application Server, Database Server and Database logs. Administrators of the systems hosting the TangoLovers website are subject to a confidentiality obligation.

In case of breaches of data security, we will also promptly notify you. but also the “Data Protection Authority” as we owe it to the Law to do.

The use of the service of the TangoLovers website implies full acceptance of the above terms.