TangoLovers Festival

31 January – 4 February 2019


TangoLovers festival ... the idea!

Everything started by the dream of organizing an International festival in Greece. With our love for Tango, as well as the support by its community and our sponsors, the dream became true.

The TangoLovers Festival will last for 5 days full of dancing and shows at theater, shows at milongas, workshops by Maestros.

Are you a Tango lover or just wish to experience the magic and passion of Tango?
Join the TangoLovers Festival..!


Sebastián Arce & Mariana Montes

Pablo Veron & Cecilia Capello

Esref Tekinalp & Vanessa Gauch

Guest Maestros

(in alphabetical order)

Tango in Love...The 5th Element

Monday 4th February 2019
(in alphabetical order)

Sebastian Arce &
Mariana Montes

Chris Bakopoulos &
Mary Ziloti

Loukas Balokas &
Georgia Priskou

Lucas Gauto &
Naima Gerasopoulou

Vaggelis Hatzopoulos &
Marianna Koutandou

Gabriel Marino &
Vassia Thanopoulou

Michalis Souvleris &
Maria Kalogera

Dionisis Theodoropoulos &
Chloe Theodoropoulou


(in alphabetical order)

Georgia Ardilla Ferfeli

Patrizia Gianni

Iv Manos

Ilias Selalmazidis