Dj Patrizia “La Tipica Mujer”

Her great love for the music of Astor Piazzolla through her childhood years sparked her interest in tango and its music. She started as a tango dancer in 2004 and her love of tango led her to play tango music in 2009 after she had collected a large source of musical material.Her intensive contact with tango music continuously leads her to an ongoing search of rare orchestras and versions of songs.

She has played in most milongas in Athens,in various festivals in Greece, in a tango marathon in Rome and she was also for 2 years the resident dj in an Athenian milonga. Her choices mainly are from “tipica” orchestras from the Golden Age of tango and before and it’s particularly challenging for her to experiment with different orchestras in the same tanda.

She plays between a dynamic and sentimental mood and her aim in the selection of every tanda is to transmit the energy created by the music into a unique dancing experience.