Main Sponsors 2019

Embassy of Argentina.

Founders of Alegria are pioneers in the manufacture of shoes with special anatomic soles, tailored to each client individually, with tradition all over the world and with the presence of Alegria in the majority of Tango schools in Greece.

visit site: https://www.alegriatango.gr/

Claudia Mauriaca had an idea: create a new line of dance shoes, fresh, full of color but that meets the needs of stability and comfort that a technical shoe must have. She personally creates the Alagalomi models, combining colors, carefully choosing leathers and components.

visit site: https://www.alagalomi.com/

HOPS beer’n’burgers took the place of the historical Vini beer garden at Drakou pedestrian street, modernizing the beer list and offering, at the same time, excellent burger and selected grill dishes.

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Embassy of Uruguay.

Life is dancing and dancing is life! Dancing is joy and passion, dancing is rhythm melody, glamour and beauty. This is the Cardou philosophy, an eshop dedicated in offering a complete collection of shoes and tango wear for both men and women.

visit site: http://www.cardou.gr/en/

Mystic Pizza: Eat it! Don’t Smoke it! Organic Cannabis Sativa has much to offer but most of all its seeds of which oil and flour are made! This is the flour we use in our Mystic cooking to create pizza, pasta and sweets. This is the flour we use in our Mystic cooking.

visit site: http://www.mystic.com.gr

TangoFIX is an innovative, industrial tango school with chic aesthetic. The venue has surface about 300 square meters with 3 floors. Α totally structural space that balances with harmony between the industrial style and the warm atmosphere!

visit site: http://www.tangofix.gr

Embassy of Turkey.

conDiva is a one-stop shop for women and men who are passionate about Argentine tango and fashion. Our passion for tango and elegance is our main source of motivation and creativity. We offer high quality and exquisite customer service.

visit site: https://condiva.com/

A unique place in the colors of ice, with wooden chairs and tables, flower pots everywhere, in the pedestrian area of Drakou str., a breath away from the Syggrou-Fix Metro Station. We supply our products from small traditional Greek producers. Here, the Greek Kalamaki tastes different!

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Adornos Center is a modern art space and dance studio where fans of Argentine culture gather every day and enjoy a rich and interesting cultural life. The Adornos Center has talented, creative, qualified teachers who train students in three major dance areas.

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Street Wonders Project is a newly established group of artists.

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A member of ELOMAS, the largest purchasing group in Greece, KRITIKOS SA is developing at high growth rates in recent years, with investments over 23 million Euros during last five years, with 5 Logistics Centers more than 2500 employees!

visit site: http://www.kritikos-sm.gr

AcrOdance is a way of practicing and also a dance style that combines various types of fitness and dance along with acrobatic elements. An important feature of AcrOdance is the particular methodology used so that the acrobats can harmonize with dance.

visit site: http://acrodance.gr

Hair Salon Ntanos is a sophisticated place in Kallithea, Athens offering modern proposals for your hair dressing. Ntanos Nikolopoulos hairdresser and owner will be glad to suggest and perform a hairstyle that fits in any occasion

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Media Sponsors 2019

Ocho is a Greek Tango Community that aims to spread the tango, to grow the community, and to give easier and more organized access to everyone regarding this passion… Tango!

visit site: http://www.ocho.gr/

A modern radio that plays with the bright and creative side of music.A musical journey to the most important moments of musical creation over the past 60 years, with the sole criterion of quality, whether you discover it in the world and jazz, rock, soul, funk, reggae or swing!

visit site: https://www.pepper966.gr/

Forfree.gr is the first Greek website that specializes in bringing together all admission free events in Athens and Barcelona, bearing out that you can have fun even with no cash on the barrelhead!

visit site: http://www.forfree.gr/

Viva, is a company operating as a provider of e-services that cover a wide range of activities, including: Travel agency, Telecommunications provider, entertainment (concerts, plays, movies, etc), sports events, check availability and booking tickets provided by Third Providers.

visit site: http://www.viva.gr/

For those of you planning a visit and who want more than moussaka and a quick tour of the Acropolis, our city guide has zeroed in on what to do and experience, where to stay, eat, shop and play, how to get around the city and when the best events will be on.

visit site: https://whyathens.com/