Utku Küley

Utku Küley is a tango teacher in his own Academia Del Tango İstanbul, organizer of Istanbul Tango Festival, also he is a professional musician (graduated from Istanbul State Conservatory).

During his Tango career Utku studied with famous maestros. He worked with Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Mario Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Gustavo Naviera, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz…

He has performed all over the world, only in Buenos Aires he performed more than 20 times in most famous milongas such as Salon Canning, La Viruta, Sunderland etc. Also Utku performed and taught tango at many festivals in Europe. To name a few: Tangomagia Festival in Amsterdam, Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague, Artetango in France, Tango Summer Festival in Kopenhagen, Wuppertal, Moscow, etc.


Iris Dogdu

Iris Doğdu, In 2009 she started tango with İrfan Yüksel. In addition, she improved herself by working with other dance schools in Istanbul. In 2011, she continued her studies as an assistant dancer. Since 2013, she has been giving lectures with Utku Küley at Academia del Tango Istanbul.

Among the teachers she has worked with is Mariano Chicho Rumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, Facundo Pinero & Vanessa Villalba, Lucas Fernandes, Ezequiel Farfaro, Claudio Forte & Barbara Carpino, Miguel Angel Zotto & Daiana is located in Guspero, Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquiedes, Lucia Mazer, Cecilia Garcia


Dear tangolovers,

We are in the unpleasant position to announce to you the postopone of the 7th Tangolovers Festival 2023.

Unfortunately, the Venue we collaborated with, for the last years, changed management and terminated our agreement in short notice.
We did our best to find another Venue that meets the requirements of our Festival but it was impossible. Due to the limited time we have till February 2nd, 2023, it would not be appropriate to encourage people from abroad to book their flights only having to cancel them later.
That’s why we had to take this decision now.

However, we will not cancel it, we will transfer it for May 2023!!! Soon we will announce the exact dates! Those who did the registration and paid already will be contacted regarding the return of their money.

Thank you all for your understanding and we hope to see you in May!