Giorgos Nikou & Katerina Chatzipanteli

Giorgos Nikou - Katerina Chatzipanteli
Giorgos Nikou - Katerina Chatzipanteli

“A couple that leads life dancing their every step (together)”

George (Giorgos) Nikou and Katerina Chatzipanteli met in 2011,becoming since a couple both in life and in dance.

Katerina, from a young age and for 13 years, did classical and contemporary dance, with many achievements, even winning first places on a national level
In their common dancing path they have participated in classes and seminars of many very important Greek and Argentinian artists-teachers of the worldwide Tango scene .

Also they have been active in a variety of dance bootcamps in their own town and they have participated both dancing and teaching classes, in festivals and Milongas in Greece and abroad.
They love improvisation, having fun playing with the music notes, the changes over the intensity of their movements and all these in combination with their mood to blend in different dance styles, is what characterizes their dance movement.

Their teaching is based on the understanding of the abilities the body has, to follow the steps naturally and combines both technical elements and knowledge of the communication and harmony within the dance couple,so that every student develops their own individual style.

They live permanently in Ioannina where they organize the Milonga Alegre. In 2018 with other professional teachers and dancers they created the Tango Nomads team with the goal to unite and mix dance communities, holding Tango events all over Greece.

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