Pablo Veron

Considered by the newspaper Liberation de Paris as “best dancer in the worldPablo Verón is one of the most celebrated ambassadors of tango and creator of a unique style that has earned him the respect of dancers of all ages in the world.

He is recognized as a pioneer and key figure in the modernization and renewed popularity of the sensual dance of Buenos Aires. The Time Out of New York has written “Pablo Veron has the feet of God“.

As a choreographer and performer, he has participated in countless tango shows around the world, including the legendary and award-winning Argentine Tango, and danced for prestigious figures such as President Clinton at the White House.

On the big screen, he has acted in many films, including The Man Who Cried, The Tango Lesson, Assassination Tango and Upside Down, dancing and appearing alongside legendary actors such as Johnny Depp, Robert Duvall and Kirsten Dunst.

He starred in the successful multimedia play Tanghost and composed the music for his fusion concert Millennium Tango.

His incredible work as a choreographer and performer has brought him many awards, including the American Choreography Award and a scholarship from the prestigious Guggenheim Foundation.
Pablo shares his passion and experience in tango through intensive workshops and seminars in the main cities of the world.


Cecilia Capello

Cecilia Capello stand as one of the most playful and teasing dancers of contemporary tango scene.

Cecilia has explored tango potentiality from distinct angles developing an extremely versatile scenic production.

With great personality she has achieved a unique style by appealing to the provocative use of theater and dance elements as well as for their direct interaction with legendary “milongueros” from whom she learnt directly the essence of argentine tango and its secrets.

She is also co-creators of La Evasion Tango, a mythic show contemporary tango scene.

Cecilia has also achieved a special place in the final of the 1º and 2º world tango championship

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