Michalis Souvleris & Maria Kalogera

Maria Kalogera & Michalis Souvleris dance Argentine Tango and teach in one of the biggest Tango Schools in Athens, in TangoFix.

They have been dancing since childhood, starting with Greek traditional dance, Latin, hip hop and eventually Argentine Tango, which they loved from the first time they heard it. They have been dancing Tango ever since.

Michael and Maria have attended several Tango seminars, featuring the best traditional and new generation Tango teachers from Argentina. They have their own, individual style, always keeping the traditional tango as part of their dance.

They have performed shows in Greece, one of the shows was at Herodium Ancient Theater, in famous milongas in Buenos Aires, like Milonguita, Salon Caning and Villa Malcom and in famous theaters in Greece and abroad. They have taught several Tango seminars in Europe & Middle East (Italy, France, Lebanon, Qatar etc).

Their love for Tango shows in their every move, expressed by dynamic motion and harmony and their opinion about it is “the communication gives us the next step”.