Georgia Zikou

Georgia Zikou (half Greek, half Brazilian) first met Tango 20 years ago having already, dancing and teaching experience in Latin dances and Flamenco. Romance, passion, the dance dialogue and the uniqueness of Argentine Tango were some of the features that acted as a catalyst in order for her to be occupied all these years only by this dance. She has attended seminars in several European countries but what determined her artistic development was the frequent visits to Argentina, the birthplace of Tango. During all these years, she has organized Tango seminars in Athens, inviting internationally renowned teachers and dancers from Argentina and Europe and she has cooperated with Greek and International dancers, including Loukas Balokas, Alberto Colombo and Ozan Firat.

She has performed and given Tango seminars in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Drama and Izmir (Turkey), Beirut, Byblos and in International Tango Festivals like Tango Greece Festival, Tango Festival in Bursa, Lesvos Tango Meeting, Belgrade Tango Festival, Beirut Tango Festival, Byblos Tango Festival.. since 2014 is co-organizer of the summer Festival Tango, Lesvos Tango Meeting. Important milestone in her career was the participation in the creation of the Athenian Tangueria named Tango Bar 365 and since 2010 she works in TangoFIX studio.


Kostas Doukas

Kostas Doukas, has been involved with dancing since 2003 and with Tango in particular since 2008. He has participated in many shows as a dancer including television shows!

He has studied under the best Greek and Argentinian tango maestros. Also he has been involved with teaching on a regular basis in several dancing schools in Athens as well as in other cities of Greece.

He has put on shows and perform in several festivals and milongas both in Greece and abroad. He is α founding member of “La Yumba Team”, that organizes Milongas, Workshops and many Tango Events such as Pirincho Tango Marathon