Nazeli Papadaki

Nazeli Papadaki

Nazeli Papadaki started interfering with the art of dancing since her early childhood. In order to explore that which seemed to her like a magical form of expression, she exercised her dancing skills with classic ballet, modern dance, flamenco, among many others. All these aforementioned dancing experiences, led to her rapid gain of overall dancing knowledge, along with her astonishing improvement on the field of dancing expertise. In the year 2009, she came across to the dancing art of tango argentino, and was thrilled by it since the very first moment. The following years she devoted her whole energy and passion to learning the main fundamentals of her loving dance, by taking part in lessons given by well-respected greek and argentinian maestros, mainly focusing on technical, expressional, motional and musical matters.
Since 2011, she works as a professional teacher and dancing performer, either by delivering seminars or private tuitions, along with co-partnerships with dancing schools of the private sector. Ηowever, since 2013 she works exclusively in the private dancing School "Choropiisi". In addition to these, she has delivered quite a few shows throughout Greece like Festivals(Tango Greece Festival, Tango Kalamata festival, Tango Lovers festival etc.) and milongas (La Pebeta, Tangofix, El Conventο del Arte, Passional, El Cabeceo etc.). Furthermore, she has participated in theatrical performances such as “24-hour Tango”, “Tango y Nada mas”, “+/- Tango” and “Fonissa Dolce Vita” among others.


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