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Nikos Papadimitriou & Nefeli Koumarianou

Nikos Papadimitriou & Nefeli Koumarianou

Nikos and Nefeli, as students at the University of Patras, several years ago discovered tango, or maybe tango discovered them. Their relationship was forged through tango and they could no longer imagine their lives without it. So,they left everything behind them, moved to Athens and since then, they have been professionally involved with tango. They have also participated in various music- dance events, they have performed in shows in many Greek cities and taught in cultural group seminars. They are considered to be one of the most promising tango couples in Greece. Their dance does not only focus on technique but aims to promote their personal style. Finally, as they consider music to be the main element of tango they have created the first Argentine tango radio station ( www.vvradio.org) in Greece, with the aim to develop and to help others become acquainted with this genre of music.




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