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Nikos Dimitropoulos & Marina Siama

Nikolas Dimitropoulos and Marina Siama have been dancing Tango Argentino since 2006 and 2009 respectively.

They have been dancing and teaching together since 2011 and have given shows in milongas, theaters, tv and festivals (Sunny Tango Festival, Syros Tango Festival, Patras Tango Fiesta, Pa'Bailar Spring Tango Festival and others).

Since 2014 they have been teaching in TANGart.

In 2014 they participated in the Mediterranean andEastern Europe championship 'Tango Acrópolis',in which they won thesecond place in the category 'Tango Salon'.

In 2016 they competed in the European Tango Championship in Cervia, Italy, were they reached the final of the category 'Tango de Pista'.

They have taken numerous private classes with leading maestros: Sebastian Achaval - Roxana Suarez, Fabian Peralta - Josefina Bermudez, Sebastian Arce - Marianna Montes, Ruben Veliz - Sabrina Veliz, Facundo Piñero - Vanessa Villalba, Fernando Carrasco - Jimena Hoeffner, Fernando Gracia - Sol Cerquides, Juan Martin Carrara - Stefania Colina, Edwin Espinoza - Alexa Yepes, Matías Batista Alemán - Silvana Prieto, Claudio Villagra - Helena Fernandez, Pablo Valentín Moyano - Roberta Becarrini, Santiago Castro - Carla Rossi, Fatima Vitale, Octavio Fernandez, Silvio La Via and several seminars.

As dancers and teachers they emphasize the study of music and technique, the contact of the couple and the expression of the feelings that are born through music, the lyrics and the embrace, respecting the tradition and the culture of tango.



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