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Chris Bakopoulos & Mary Ziloti

Both Christos and Mary began their dancing career with Latin and Ballroom. Christos began dancing professionally in 1990 and opened his dance school ART OF   DANCE in 1993. Mary, a graduate of TEFAA, began dancing in 1995.
They have been dancing together professionally since 2002 and began dancing Argentenian Tango in 2006.

Mary and Christos love the excitement of the theatre and the stage.In 2009 they wrote, choreographed directed and staged their first musical at the theatre Karolos Koun. Since then they have produced other musicals every year at well-known Athenian theatres.

In 2012 they competed for the first time at Tango Acropolis where they achieved 2nd place in the Tango Escenario. In September of the same year they played important, leading roles in the musical performance "Pireus - La Boca" by Pemi Zouni at the Badminton Theatre.

In 2013 they entered the European Championships for Tango Escenario and reached 10th place.
Their greatest achievement came the following year when they won the European Championships for Tango Escenario which took place in Todi Italy. Due to their success they entered the finals of the Mundial in Buenos Aires in August 2014.

Their love for Tango is a source of inspiration and a way of life. They continue to teach and be teached and aim to teach not only the steps but  the philosophy and tradition of Tango.



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