Dimitris Michalopoulos & Aspa Alexaki

Dimitris  and Aspa are co-owners of Tango Farol dance school in Patras and from 2014 co-organizers of “Tango Festival Patras”.

Dimitris was born in Patras on February 1980. On early childhood he coped with music. He lived and studied abroad and when coming back he made his first approach to traditional Greek dances and he starts tango lessons on 2006.

Aspa was born in Athens on March 1988. She finished pedagogical studies in Patras , where she continues to live. She was involved in music (piano & percussion) for many years. From the age of 7 years she started dancing, initially with traditional Greek and then in classical ballet, modern, flamenco and latin. With Argentine tango she deals intensively from 2007 up to now.
They came together on 2009 and continued their common path known as "Tango Dos". Having attended many seminars of great names of tango scene, continue giving lessons in Patras and other cities of Greece.

Their objective is communication of the couple and expression of the feelings through improvisation and energy of the body!


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