Kyriakos Michas & Eva Dimitriou

Kyriakos was born in Thessaloniki and grew up in Athens. His first encounter with tango was in 2007 while he was studying at the University of the Aegean on the island of Lesvos. The dynamic quality of tango, improvisation and the communication through the embrace were some of the elements that attracted him to this dance.

Eva was born in Athens but grew up in Epirus. From a young age she was interested in music, singing, theatre and dance. While studying at the National Technical University of Athens she found tango and since then she has formed a deep bond with it. For her the combination of music-embrace-improvisation is what makes tango unique and so popular.

They have been a dancing couple since 2015 while also taking courses with many distinguished foreign and greek maestros. They teach at TangoFix dance school.


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