Alexandros Parotidis


My association with photography has started early and it was inflamed by the enthusiasm that gives you the emotion for the things that are made for the very first time.

Enthusiasm about the new and the unknown, the adventure and traveling. On the other hand, my association with tango has started a few years ago and it was impossible for the photography not to get into, as well as it was impossible for the tango not to get into the photography. What is more, we struggle to be able to act in combination. The lights, the music from the big orchestras and the dark embraces, the deep breaths that every time reveal to you a new world, which you are called to study, to understand, to explore… all these were a warning signal and it was impossible for me not to relent.

Then I started to see in there the light, to understand and thus to be created a real connection with people I met for the very first time in my life. And all these were hidden in there, everything I wanted and I hoped to see, to "taste" and to hear: the music, the closed eyes, the eroticism, the legends and the gospel truth of people. My association with photography and the subject I have, which is portrait, marriage and human in general gave me a generous boost, full of information and new images of what tango is and how one could capture its charm. To include it in one moment, in one photograph… Lights, music and feelings - in other words a directed sight of the life we live during the three minutes that a song lasts.








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