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Elias Anastasiou & Sofia Netertou

Elias Anastasiou has trained as a classic ballet dancer having specialized as well in choreography, staging and dramaturgy. His has experience as a classical ballet dancer in the Athens National Opera, where he worked for ten years, 1990-2000. From 1999 up to the present he has focused on teaching Argentinian tango. In 2002 he founded the dance studio Libertango.

His partner, Sophia Netertou, has studied classical ballet and, after many years of experience in teaching latin dances, has concentrated exclusively in dancing and teaching Argenitinian tango.

As a dancing couple in 2006 they took part as guests in the C.I.T.A-Buenos Aires. In 2007 they also participated, the only Greek couple, in the V Mundial De Tango in Buenos Aires. They reached the 11th position in the semi-final competition among the 250 participant couples in the category of Tango Escenario.

The group of teachers of the Libertango Dance Studio has taught in various festivals and tango seminars in Greece and abroad.

The premises of the Libertango Dance Studio occupies three floors and is one of the biggest dance studios in the teaching of Argentinian tango.




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