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Constantinos Bagropoulos & Georgia “Metaxenia” Karachaliou

Constantinos dances since 1998. He established “365 TangoBar”, the first Tango meeting point in Athens in 2004, that has been a benchmark for the Greek Tango Scene. His students are leading their own professional carrier in Greece and abroad.

He is the director of the Tangogreece Festival that took place in Athens in 2011 and both in Athens and Thessaloniki in 2012. Metaxenia is fresh and young. She dances since 2005. She is a choreographer and she has worked with many notable artistes in Greece. She was one of the pillars of Tangogreece Festival.

Constantinos and Metaxenia dance and teach together since 2009. They give seminars allover Greece and they participate in several events.

In 2012, they founded their own tango studio in Athens, called “Mytango”.  


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