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Gabriel Marino & Vassia Thanopoulou


Gabriel Marino and Vassia Thanopoulou has been a dancing couple since mid 2016. They made their first appearance together at Herodus Atticus Theatre with Mora Godoy (2016) and later on they appeared at Pallas Theater next to Geraldine Rojas - Ezequiel Paludi. Moving forward, they participated in the 14th Tango Fiesta Patras and next, to the Syros Tango Festival, where they also presented their work at the Apollo Theater under the supervision of group choreographies by Max Van Voorde - Solange Acosta. In September of 2017 they were selected to become members of the “Tangueros del Sur” Company, where they presented at Herodus Atticus Theater the show ‘Romper el Piso’ under the artistic direction and choreographies of the legendary dancers of Tango, Natalia Hills and Alejandro Aquino.

Gabriel Marino came to Greece in 2007 from his birth country, Argentina, carrying a lot of experience in Argentine Tango. In July of 2011 he conquered the first place and became European Champion (Torino, Italy) representing Greece. He was also finalist in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires twice for two consecutive years, among more than 400 couples that participated all over the world, in the category tango salon. He has been living in Greece for the past 10 years where he has been teaching, dancing and performing in various spectacles. He is a choreographer and has been also invited to travel and participate abroad in festivals for seminars and shows. He had the honor to dance in some of the most world famous theaters such as Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires (2002 & 2004) , Palais de Versailles (Tangokinesis 2007), Herodes Atticus (2016 & 2017) and also in a lot of casas de Tango such as Candilejas, Café Tortoni, Caminito etc. He was a member of Compania Tango Malarbo, Tangokinesis and other companies. In 2012 he founded in Athens the ‘El Abrazo Tango’ dance school. His main purpose and vision was to create a place devoted to the original tango, as it is danced and taught in Argentina.

Vassia Thanopoulou had her first contact with Tango in 2009 and three years later she started dancing professionally. In 2012 she began teaching and presenting her work in Greece as well as abroad, such as the Zotto Tango Academy in Milan. To date she has made television appearances, performed and gave seminars to several festivals. She has also participated in the theatrical performance Tango Brujo with Sebastian Misse-Andrea Reyero. Her primary teachers are Miguel Angel Zotto -Daiana Guspero , Sebastian Misse-Andrea Reyero and Kostas Nikolaidis. She has attended seminars with Milena Plebs, Lorena Ermocida, Natalia Hills- Alejandro Aquino, Geraldine Rojas, Alejandra Mantinan, Javier Rodriguez ,los Totis, Sebastian Arce – Mariana Montes, Silvio la Via, Leandro Oliver- Leila Rezk, Samantha Dispari, Valeria Maside, Paola Tacchetti etc.


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