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Ermis Karaboulas & Maria Mantziou

Ermis Karaboulas started his training as a dancer at the age of nine. After many years of occupation with various kinds of dances, martial arts and musical studies he devoted himself to tango in 2003. In 2005 he travelled to Buenos Aires and took courses from the greatest tango teachers there. He officially started giving tango classes in 2005 and since then has worked in over fifteen tango schools all over Greece and has participated in many festivals as a teacher and dancer. He was also invited to teach and perform in Europe and USA (Chicago, Amsterdam, De Hague, Riga).

Ermis introduces for the first time in Greece a new seminar course named Qi Tango ( a combination of the ancient chinese art of Qigong and Tango).

Maria Mantziou became involved with dance at the age of 6, with traditional dances. In the years of 2000 since 2011 started dancing systematically modern jazz, ballet, latin, flamenco and contemporary dance. In 2008 came in touch with Argentine tango and sees about it exclusively Their teaching is mainly focused on students' comprehension of the way the human body works based on the principles of tango combined with interpretation of music and improvisation with ultimate goal finding their own personal dancing style.


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