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DJ Maral

DJ Maral (05 Dec 2013 - .........)

Hello I’m Maral.

My passion for Tango Dj’ing comes from my passion for Music. Even before tango I have been always into music since I was 5. I played the piano when I was in high school. I used to sing in school-bands, chorus. And after, I became semi-professional in my music career and started singing advertising jingles. After 5 months I started Tango, I decided to be a DJ. I was in love with Tango music and I felt like Tango Music was becoming more important for me than other music tracks I was listening before.

Knowing that there are numerous tracks out there for me to discover fueled my excitement every day and keep my passion alive to become a well-known Argentine Tango Dj.

It has been 3 years now and I can say that there aren’t radical changes in my taste.
I am always on the side of more ‘classical eras and orchestras’.

I love to improvise! I love to improvise! ! I love to improvise! A night with surprises makes me always feel very excited. Improvisation keeps my energy and excitement always up. This is what I love most about DJ’ing.

My style of DJ’ing in 3 words; Rythmic, Flowing and Romantic! But anything can influence me during an evening. The most important thing for me is the ‘energy’ in people, in their eyes, in their dance, on the dance floor, in the venue and even outside the venue.
That’s why my number one aim in a milonga is to keep the energy always up! And I try to achieve this by trying to choose the best cortinas for each night.

Music, Tango, Dance is international. True. But in my opinion, cortinas can’t be similar in each country at all, even in each city. You should always try to feel the culture of that city, feel the sense of humor, feel the rhythm in that city and the crowd and organize your cortinas according to these facts.

My three favorite orchestras: Anibal Troilo, Juan D’arienzo and Pedro Laurenz



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