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Tango Beat Busters

In October 2015, Alp and Tumay performed together first time as a DJ Duo named Tango Beat Busters. And ever since, they have been performed at various International Tango Festivals & Marathons in Turkey along with the local milongas of Istanbul and Ankara, totaling more than 75 times.
The Duo enjoys combining the dance-floor’s energy with their own in harmony and selecting their tandas accordingly. As TangoBeatBusters their main goal is boosting the energy level of all dancers via playing the best songs from all periods of the Argentine Tango.

Stay with us,
Tango Beat Busters

Such as Tango Beat Busters’s performans
· İstanbul İnternational Tango Fest 2016 (İstanbul),
· Summer Tango Fest 2016-2017 (Bodrum),
· Big Foot Tango Marathon 2016 (İstanbul),
· Eagean Tango Marathon 2016 (İzmir)
· Sultans Tango Festival ve Maraton 2016-2017 (İstanbul)
· Chillout Tango Marathon 2016-2017 (Antalya).
. Bratislava Tango Festival 2016 Slovakia




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