Participant Agreement

If you chose payment by cash deposit or wire transfer, you can use the information below to make your payment.

There will be a 4 euro transaction fee that YOU should add to the total amount if the Bank is NOT PIRAEUS, as per our participant agreement (only for Bank Transfer)

When payment is made, please send us a copy of the payment slip at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Bank Name: Piraeus Bank 

IBAN: GR 4001715540006554128743411 

Bank Account: 6554-128743-411 

Swift Code: PIRBGRAA

Bank Address: 4 Amerikis str, gr 10564, Athens, Attica, Greece


Company Address: 4 Diliados str, 11742, Athens, Greece


If you chose payment by credit card, please check your inbox or spam folder for an email from VivaPayments in order to pay for the invoice.

When we receive payment confirmation, you will receive a "paid" notification of the invoice on the email specified in your registration form.

NOTICE: You need to have your invoice status "paid in full" in order to be able to attend the festival.


Participant Agreement

  • The participant is responsible for ALL costs incurred during registration and paybacks (including bank commissions/fees). The payments must be made after 1 week of the registration. Otherwise the registration of the participant will be DELETED.
  • After 1st of January all participants must made their payment in 3 working days. After 25th of January all participants must make their payments immediately after they register.
  • For cancellations of paid registrations, the whole amount will be paid back to the participant, if the cancellation is done until 20 of December 2017.
  • For cancellations done between 1st – 20th of January 2018, there will be €50,00 of cut from the payment for “registration cost” and rest of the payment will be paid back to the participant.
  • For cancellations done after the 20th of January 2018, ONLY 30% from the payment for the lessons will be paid back to the participant. In all back payments, the transfer cost is paid by the participants.
  • The participant is responsible for fulfilling all conditions (e.g. visa, health issues, permission etc.), which are necessary to attend the TangoLovers Festival. The organization team will not be responsible for any loss (e.g. missed flights/classes etc), due to unfulfilled conditions.
  • The organization team reserves the right to change or cancel a part of the organization without prior notice. In such a case, the organization team is only responsible towards registered participants.
  • If bank fees occur again on the TangoLovers Organization side, although the participant has already paid them from his side, the participant MUST ASSUME these costs as well. TangoLovers Festival organization will not accept any insufficient amounts, due to deducted bank commissions/fees.
  • If the participant will join the festival together with a partner, the participant and his/her partner will have to register separately.
  • For any changes you will have to contact TangoLovers organization team. Any change opposing the contract of TangoLovers is not considered.
  • The participant will not be able to change anything after the 25th of January 2018.
  • No visitors are allowed to attend the classes. Only the organization team and participants who are registered and who have already paid are allowed to attend the respective classes.
  • The registration can not be regarded as fully completed and confirmed until the participant has paid the necessary amount. After receipt of the payment,
    the participants registration will be transferred to the class and milonga lists.
  • No video recordings are allowed during classes or shows, without permission of the organization team or the Teachers.
  • The last but most important obligation of all “TangoLovers” participants is to DANCE, MEET NEW PEOPLE AND HAVE LOTS OF FUN


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