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Julio Balmaceda & Virginia Vasconi

Coming from different backgrounds, Julio and Virginia started to dance together in 2015.

Virginia took her first dance steps in her mother's gym at age five and later she studied classical ballet and artistic gymnastics.  She graduated as a translator of English at the
Faculty of Languages in the Province of Cordoba.  She is a Jazz dance teacher, proficient in Latin rhythms, stretching, classical ballet and contemporary dance. She started with Tango in 2008 and immediately  became a member of the famous DNI Dance Company and School until 2015. She has performed in the most prestigious Milongas and Theaters of Buenos Aires . She has performed in several international festivals such as the CITA ( Argentine Tango International Congress), Ciudanza Festival (Buenos Aires), El Misterio Tango (Buenos Aires), Tango en Punta ( Punta del Este), White Tango Festival ( Moscow), Nevskaya Milonga (St. Petersburg), Chicago Tango Week (USA), Toronto Festival ( Canada), DNI Week in Mantova (Italy), Tango Week in Castellabate (Italy), Fireworks on the Dance floor Festival (Ann Arbor, USA). She has been teaching Tango in different cities of Europe, Canada and USA and Asia.  In 2014 she was judge in all the categories for the St. Petersburg Tango Championship. Currently, she continues her training in yoga, modern dance, stretching, ballet, and theater in order to enhance her skills as a tango dancer, teacher and performer.

Julio, Argentine tango dancer and choreographer, is considered one of the most important teachers around the world due to his unique style and pedagogy. He started his career with
Corina De La Rosa in 1996 until 2015. In 1998 he performed in Broadway with "Forever Tango", whose staff was nominated for the Tony Awards for the best choreography. He also  
performed at The Carnegie Hall, in a tribute to Astor Piazzolla together with Pablo Ziegler, Paquito de Rivera and Gary Burton. In 2008 he choreographed his own show "Corazon a
Corazon" in Tarbes, France. During 2011, he performed and choreographed  the musical "Tita, Una Vida en Tiempo de Tango” directed By Nacha Guevara in a prestigious theater of
Buenos Aires and he was nominated by the ACE Award as the best choreographer of the musical. In 2013, he participated in the show “Tango Tranzas” in Sydney, Australia. He is also a judge member of the Mundial de Tango in Buenos Aires since the beginning of it. In 2013 he was also a judge member of the European Tango Championship held in Rome. In 2015 he was the Head Judge in Korea Tango Championship. Currently, he travels the world to perform and to teach seminars and workshops in very important venues. Also, he has his own school "Zaraza Tango" in Buenos Aires.

Julio and Virginia have created a unique style recognized for their interpretation of the music and their dynamic. They combine elegance with technique, elasticity with strength, to create the perfect ingredients for beautiful, passionate and talented tango.





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